The Craic, The Culture, and Community of

Kevin Barry's Irish Pub

Celebrating 35 years; Kevin barry's Irish Pub is located on the west end of historic River Street in beautiful Savannah, GA.  Kevin Barry's Irish pub is proud to offer traditional Irish and American cuisine for lunch, dinner, and late night!  Kevin Barry's Irish Pub offers a climate controlled enclosed balcony overlooking the Savannah River where you can enjoy a perfect pint of Guinness as you watch the cargo ships come in.  While you are on our 2nd floor walk through our Hall of Heroes and pay tribute to those men and women who selflessly served and sacrificed for our country.  Don't forget to walk through Liberty Hall and learn about our Irish history as well as our namesake, Kevin G. Barry. Join us nightly at 8:00 PM for traditional Irish and American folk music in our one of a kind downstairs Listening Room where our world renowned troubadours sing the songs and tell the tales of the Irish rebellion.  Or, sit at the downstairs bar and dip on an Irish whiskey poured by the best bar tenders in Savannah!  Say hello to a stranger, make a new friend, fall in love, or just enjoy the company of people you already know!

Click on the link for more information about our Live Irish Music at 8pm and learn more about tonight's troubadour!

Kevin Barry's Irish Pub
Is the recipient of the
2016 Authenticity Award
For the most authentic Irish Pub outside of Ireland.  
For more information please click the link below.

Irish Pubs Global Awards Winners 2016


Please be advised that it is 21 and up after 7pm.  Thank you.



Craic- is a term used for the news. gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation.      



Culture - is a term used to express beliefs, customs, art, music, etc., of a particular society or group.



Community - is a term to describe a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.